An awesome start!

May 02, 2014

Lakewood Church of Hope had an awesome start! We had several members share about they ways we went out of our way to bless others out in the community. People shared about everything from purchasing breakfast for elderly to coming to the rescue by driving across town to pick up members stranded on the highways!

I even shared about how my job, at the Wyndham, had a job fair hosted by Aldi. There were many male youth coming in dressed like "thugs" just to fill out applications. I told each one to "go back home and come back with proper attire". (They didn't know that I spoke with Aldi Staffing and that was the primary requirement, without proper attire the application was not going to been considered.) When the young men came back, and many of them did, they looked totally different! Slacks, ties, and dress shoes! Much different from the saggy pants, hoodies, and Tee-shirts they were initially wearing! Many applications went through to the next phase because of this simple caring gesture. Glory be to God!

We also will host Friday night movie nights for the entire families! We will feature: Facing The Giants, Fireproof, Faith Like Potatoes, Courageous, and The Pursuit of Happiness! Free Popcorn and Drinks!