The Power of the Video

Jan 23, 2014
A month ago, I became aware of a wonderful ministry in Chattanooga called Second Life, which provides a very real path out of sex trafficking for women who are trapped in prostitution. I have become increasingly aware of our church's need to be a part of this ministry...A few weeks ago I was pondering how best to introduce this idea to our congregation...After we watched the video [Kind] in the middle of the sermon, I said "I am increasingly aware of women in our community who are in the same, if not more desperate, situation as Julia in the video. If you would like to be a part of a group which is working to find real solutions for this situation, please talk to me." Those two sentences were all that was needed because of the power of the video. I now have ten people who seem to have been waiting for someone to invite them to be a part of this form of ministry. We are connecting them to Second Life, and I could not be more pleased. Thank you again.