We are seeing the harvest of Loving Generously

Feb 10, 2014

After we completed Living Generously last year we saw a major shift in not only the giving, but in our volunteer base. Therefore, when we saw that the new series (Loving Generously) was out I couldn't wait to see what God was going to do. Our church has been a predominantly white congregation over the years. However, in the last five years God has expanded our church to a multicultural congregation. My heart's desire as a pastor has been to see it grow even more in a range from young to old, poor to rich & to be able to look into the congregation and see so many different nationalities, because then I would know that we are truly reaching the harvest that God has placed around us. I can honestly say now, that after Loving Generously, our church is at a place where we are seeing the harvest. Sometimes it takes God using different tools and sermon avenues to work on the hearts of the believers to realize all that He desires to do. I truthfully believe that God used this series for us to all realize that loving people is just as important as loving God. I walk up to the pulpit on Sundays and look out at the congregation feeling like I am at a different church simply because of how much God has done this year.