Wednesday night dinners and an open home

Jun 03, 2014

We have been challenged to come up with ideas for how to serve our community generously over the last few weeks.  God, however, has been working among us.  For the last two Wednesday night dinners, individuals with special needs and unique problems have shown up at our doorstep, joined us for dinner and asked for help.  Our congregation has been responsive to them, welcoming them to dinner, to their particular table and trying genuinely to include, connect with and help them.  These issues are much larger that what we can handle and so unique that it's been a humbling, prayer-filled experience for us all.  More than that, and inspired by the For Sale video, our congregants have organized a clothing drive for the month of June.  I'm very excited about what God is doing in our congregation, transforming how we live, think and go about our day to day lives.  

Speaking personally, God has inspired my wife and I to open up our home more to congregants and neighbors.  It's not that we haven't in the past, but we have not made a deliberate habit of it.  In seminary I was taught to guard my home as "safe space" to decompress.  However, God is inspiring us to change our perspective on who owns the space we've been given and who it is that refreshes and energizes our hearts and minds each day.  We really look forward to the plans we've made to invite our church and community into our home this summer!  May God be glorified!