The following information is provided to help you plan from the time of sign up to the beginning of the series on April 27, the five weeks of the series, and after.

Process for each Church

Step 1

  • Join the initiative
  • Have your first coaching
  • Begin completing "40 Days Church Plan"
  • Define Roles and Responsibilities on your church team
  • Help get other churches involved
  • Pray!

Step 2

  • Begin communicating to your church about the upcoming initiative through bulletin, emails, pulpit, etc.
  • Show trailer video in worship service
  • Connect with other churches in your area to begin talking about a plan for praying/serving/celebrating in your area
  • Complete "40 Days Church Plan" outine
  • Monthly equipping call with 40 Days Church Coordinators
  • Pray!

Step 3

  • Recruit and train outreach leaders
  • Consistent promotion of initative in your communication channels
  • Monthly equipping call with 40 Days Church Coordinators
  • Pray!

Step 4

  • Continued communication to church
  • Communication and training to key leaders and outreach leaders
  • 2nd coaching call with Loving Generously team
  • Monthly call with 40 Days Church Coordinators
  • Additional resources ordered (ie. 1-2-A stickers, bracelets, T-shirts, etc.)
  • Pray!

Step 5

  • 40 Days launch
  • Gather stories
  • Local celebration service(s) on June 8
  • Debrief coaching call
  • Pray!

    Will you join me and others in this prayer, "Father God, You alone are worthy of our voices being lifted up together in praise and adoration to You. We ask that Your Spirit impress each church in this area to passionately seek You in prayer. We ask that each church in this area do the work of living generously with those unlike us. We ask that those in our circles who do not know you would see such love and glorify Your Holy Name. May it be in our City as it is in Heaven. In Your Son's Name, Jesus Christ. Amen."

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